Song a Week #45 - Mac Gestures Made   

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Lyrics - Mac Gestures Made Me a Better Lover

Candies are sweet

Flowers are pretty and neat

The ramparts we watched

So gallantly streaming

Rockets red glare

Love bombs bursting in air

Romanic as hell

Oh she's your soul mate

Oh every woman's got needs - just like a man

If you can't cut the mustard

you'll go down to Titantic-Land

And this last part is important to hear

It's so good and terrific it will make you cheer

Mac gestures made me a better lover

A better lover

Singing your tune -ah

Sharing your feelings well

won't mean jack -oh

If you can't give the O-bomb

It's not over

'till you both get

the fortune cookie

Yeah the fortune cookie

Mac Gestures made me a better lover

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Mac gestures come in handy for more than awesome control over your apps.

Let’s sing and play it loud.

Me a Better Lover

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